The Artistry of Time

Unveiling the ‘Crafting Time’ 2023 Exhibition at Hermès Dubai Mall

On October 10th, the Hermès Store at Dubai Mall welcomed the “Crafting Time” 2023 exhibition, where artist Clément Vieille masterminded a scenography to immerse visitors into the essence of Hermès time. The exhibition seamlessly continues the thematic excellence of the Watches and Wonders Geneva scenography.

Within this exhibition, visitors are free to navigate amidst suspended sculptures that expertly organize space, imbuing it with rhythm and grace. These artworks delve into the utilization of composite materials and cutting-edge forms, encompassing “tensegrity” structures held together by precise spatial arrangements of elements in both compression and tension, as well as woven carbon fiber plates, and mass-dyed materials. This artistic exploration unfurls the boundless possibilities of matter.

The “Crafting Time” exhibition showcases a wide array of Haute Horlogerie watches, including remarkable Hermès complications such as the Arceau L’heure de la lune, featuring new stone dials, and the recent Arceau Le temps voyageur, both esteemed at the GPHG awards. It also presents technically sophisticated models like the Slim d’Hermès Squelette Lune and jewelry watches such as the Faubourg Polka Joaillerie and the Kelly Haute Joaillerie. These watches not only embrace Hermès’ signature features but also challenge established watchmaking norms. Moreover, exceptional pieces adorned with exclusive artistic crafts, such as leather mosaic and miniature painting, are part of this captivating display, showcasing Hermès’ distinctive creativity and style.

As visitors follow the paths curated for them, they are transported into a precise and dreamlike mechanism that evokes the heart of a mechanical watch. Within this captivating, airy, and luminous world, time itself is the raw material from which these remarkable forms emerge. The new Hermès H08 collection signifies the harmonious union of human craftsmanship and the ingenuity of an artistic nature, capable of endlessly reinterpreting forms and textures.

The Slim d’Hermès Squelette Lune, in particular, epitomizes this synergy. Merging simplicity with informality and demanding attention to detail with the bold use of contrasting materials, this model’s ultralight titanium construction echoes the cosmic and dreamlike dimension of Hermès time, featuring an openworked double Moon that completes its light and legible ensemble.

The exhibition also pays tribute to the iconic Arceau L’heure de la lune watch, offering a unique perspective on Earth’s satellite with its simultaneous display of moon phases in both hemispheres. This mesmerizing creation combines mobile counters, a Mars or Black Sahara meteorite dial, and mother-of-pearl moons, guided by an exclusive module and a Manufacture Hermès movement.

The Faubourg Polka Joaillerie reimagines the miniature Faubourg model with a contemporary and assertive style, challenging the intersection of watchmaking and Haute Joaillerie. The Slim d’Hermès La Panthère de Robert boasts a leather mosaic technique that showcases 3,500 differently colored 0.5 mm leather squares, creating the distinctive “La Panthère de Robert” motif on the dial.

The Kelly Haute Joaillerie, inspired by the iconic handbag, transforms a feminine timepiece into a radiant jewelry watch, featuring gold and diamonds and offering a variety of wearing options.

The Arceau Lift Les Sentinelles watch pays homage to Hermès’ historical premises, displaying a flying tourbillon, double H motif, and meticulous enamel work.

Hermès crafts objects that are not just functional but also carry the spirit of spontaneity, joy, and surprise. Time, for Hermès, is not merely a measure but an opportunity for emotions, interludes, and spaces of recreation. The “Crafting Time” exhibition beautifully encapsulates this philosophy, inviting visitors to revel in the finesse of time itself.

The “Crafting Time” 2023 exhibition at the Hermès Store in Dubai Mall promises an enchanting journey through the artistry of time, seamlessly blending heritage, innovation, and artistry in the world of Hermès watches and craftsmanship.