The Evolution of Rado’s Iconic Masterpiece

Revolutionizing Timekeeping – Rado’s DiaStar Celebrates 60 Years of Innovation and Style

In 1962, Rado sent shockwaves through the watch industry with the launch of the DiaStar. A pioneer in unconventional design, the DiaStar’s distinctive shape, durable materials, and extreme resistance marked a paradigm shift. Over the years, it cultivated a devoted following, solidifying its status as an icon in horology. Fast forward to 2022, Rado commemorates the DiaStar’s 60th anniversary with a bold update, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and evolution.

Breaking from tradition, Rado has transitioned from the iconic tungsten carbide to Rado Ceramos™ for the DiaStar’s case material. This strategic shift introduces extraordinary qualities – durability, lightness, and scratch resistance – that have captivated enthusiasts globally. Beyond the material upgrade, the DiaStar Original now boasts a yellow-gold colored iteration with a Ceramos™ bezel, paying homage to the iconic 1972 model that has consistently captured hearts.

The latest addition to the DiaStar family is the DiaStar Original Skeleton, a visual masterpiece that combines the allure of yellow-gold with the much-celebrated Art of Skeletonization. The anthracite-grey coated R808 automatic calibre takes center stage, visible through the sapphire crystal on both sides of the case. The movement undergoes rigorous testing in five different positions and features a Nivachron™ balance hairspring, ensuring resilience against the magnetic fields pervasive in modern life. With an 80-hour power reserve and water resistance up to 100 meters, this timepiece is as functional as it is visually stunning.

The black dial provides a striking contrast to the yellow-gold case and bezel, featuring white Super-LumiNova®-coated minute track and flying yellow-gold colored indexes. A gold-colored Rado anchor symbol against a red background adds a touch of elegance. Presented in a polished and brushed yellow-gold colored PVD coated stainless steel bracelet, equipped with Rado’s EasyClip system, this DiaStar Original Skeleton exudes both comfort and style.

Reflecting the radical design DNA of its predecessor, this yellow-gold colored DiaStar model seamlessly combines a refined shape with muscular contours. The skeletonized R808 movement, heritage case, and Ceramos™ bezel encapsulate Rado’s unwavering vision: “If we can imagine it, we can make it. And if we can make it, we will.” In 2022, Rado once again proves this ethos true with a DiaStar that not only pays homage to its roots but also propels itself into a new era of watchmaking excellence.

Release: Lengnau, Switzerland – April 2021

DiaStar 1962 – Futuristic History

In the throes of the Post-War Boom, Rado, then Schlup & Co., sought to create a watch that would outshine and outlast its counterparts. Embracing the spirit of the Sixties, Rado embarked on a mission to become the “Master of Materials.” Engineers and designers focused on crafting a timepiece with unparalleled durability and aesthetics, a task deemed almost impossible by industry standards. However, fueled by the belief that “If we can imagine it, we can make it. And if we can make it, we will,” Rado unveiled the DiaStar on November 28, 1961.

Patenting the use of hardmetal alloy for watch-case manufacturing, Rado introduced a scratch-proof, tungsten carbide-based case paired with a sapphire crystal glass. This groundbreaking combination marked a new era for watchmaking, where durability and longevity became paramount. The DiaStar, aptly named for its diamond-like resistance and everlasting shine, emerged as a testament to Rado’s commitment to pushing boundaries.


DiaStar – About the Name

The fusion of “diamond” and “star” in the DiaStar’s name encapsulates its essence – a watch fit for purpose, tough as diamond, and radiant like a star. The introduction of a tungsten carbide alloy named hardmetal for the case, paired with a sapphire crystal, was revolutionary. Rado’s DiaStar disrupted traditional watch materials, offering an almost eternal timepiece. As sapphire crystal gained popularity for its resistance and durability, the DiaStar’s moniker became synonymous with enduring brilliance.

As Rado celebrates 60 years of DiaStar innovation, the 2022 models pay homage to the brand’s illustrious past while propelling the iconic timepiece into a future defined by cutting-edge materials and striking design.