A Pathway to Education

The Global Citizen Foundation focuses on sustainable development and education projects in the Caribbean, Ethiopia, UAE and Jordan

The Global Citizen Foundation, co-founded by a group of like-minded businessmen in Dubai has announced a series of new projects that will help children in the Middle East, Africa and Caribbean.

GCF has teamed up with UNESCO to partner with Ethiopian and UAE university students in an education-based exchange course to provide students with the skills to become leaders in sustainable development.

In line with the Emirates dedication to conservation, GCF wants to inspire the next generation to preserve and protect their heritage by raising $100,000 to send 16 students to biosphere reserves in the UAE and Ethiopia for two weeks. While there, the students will work with eachother and the surrounding communities to share best practices and develop reports to be used by UNESCO sustainability staff.

“The students will learn best practices for water-management, climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation and environmental tourism and hopefully also develop their leadership skills as they will be working together as a team,” said Armand Arton, a co-founder and trustee of the Global Citizen Foundation.

The foundation has also provided over $40,000 to the Amal Project, which is based in the Zaatari refugee camp— the second largest refugee camp in northern Jordan, the funds will provide new caravans for refugees which will be transformed into educational and creative places for children “to be children”. Each caravan will be filled with toys, games and books, and will be positioned across the various areas of the camp so it’s accessible to all.

Internationally, GCF recently provided $50,000 to develop Villa Primary School in Antigua and The Holy Trinity School on the sister island of Barbuda, improving sports and educational facilities, undertaking essential repairs, and building a sick bay for the young students.

Commenting on the recent project milestones, Armand Peponnet, co-founder and trustee of GCF said: “These projects will make a huge difference to the communities involved, and we are extremely delighted to be a part of their future, and look to continue to support further educational initiatives for young people.”

He added, “The most important investment one can make is in education. The next generation will be the leaders of our economies, and by empowering citizens through education, we hope to help to build a more sustainable future for all.”