Fit for a Lady

A floating home that is as sweet as its name

For billionaires, managing multiple properties can be a burden. However, a Chinese businessman has found the perfect solution to this dilemma by creating a floating home on the sea, the Lady Candy.

“I used to have homes in different places, but once I got a yacht I got rid of all of them because you don’t want to go to the same house every time. The yacht is a floating house,” he says.

After 40 years of large yacht ownership, the entrepreneur, who wishes to remain anonymous, took his first foray into custom building.

He collaborated with Paul Brackley, the founder of Central Yacht, on the design. “We designed the yacht from the inside out,” he explains. “We started with an interior layout based on sound hotel, operational and technical principles. For example, food service must be quick and efficient, not just to save the crew time, but also to make sure food arrives hot and without delay.”

Such forethought is important to ensure that ice in your drink doesn’t melt by the time it arrives at Lady Candy’s spectacular beach club, which includes a lounge, bar, gym and sauna. A large 30sq m fixed swim-platform can actually be used as a beach while sailing. It doesn’t even bounce when the seas get rough.


The living quarters are no less luxurious. Lady Candy has two large master suites, each with a private office and both forward and back private terraces. The four guest cabins are found on the lower deck. There are two twin-sized cabins with twin beds and two with queen beds, all with vanity desks, large closets and spacious bathrooms.

Although the owner may have intended for the boat to house his family, the yacht is party-ready at short notice. The main deck welcomes guests with an enormous saloon, bar, powder room and lobby area with ample sofas for relaxing. A large dining room with a circular table seats 14 guests for gourmet meals. The sundeck can be set up for karaoke or disco with the central ring forming a lighting stage.