Sporty Elegance and High-Tech Preciousness

Bianchet Unveils the Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation at Geneva Watch Days

Bianchet, the illustrious Swiss watchmaker synonymous with modern elegance and timeless design, is poised to dazzle horology enthusiasts with its latest masterpiece, the Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618, at the esteemed “Geneva Watch Days” exhibition. This extraordinary timepiece was on display from August 29 to September 2, presented exclusively in the opulent Bianchet Suite at the Beau-Rivage Hotel in Geneva.

The Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618 represents a seamless blend of age-old construction principles and cutting-edge watchmaking techniques. With its emphasis on transparency, clean lines, and a high-tech aesthetic, this timepiece is poised to captivate aficionados of grand complication watches.

Renowned for its contemporary tourbillon watches, inspired by timeless construction principles and Italian design, Bianchet showcases its unwavering dedication to the golden ratio of 1.618 with the B1.618. Featuring a refined tonneau case and an in-house-developed skeleton movement, the watch embodies refinement, strength, and natural balance within a modern design philosophy.

The Bianchet B1.618 incorporates the iconic geometric ratio of 1.618, renowned for its role in creating harmonious compositions in art, architecture, and music. Golden triangles meticulously position the watch’s two complications, while its bridges elegantly follow the curves dictated by the Fibonacci spiral. The back bridges, forming concentric golden circles, weave a symphony of symmetry and asymmetry, defining the personality, depth, and balance of the movement.

The tonneau case, a design legacy from Cartier in 1906, seamlessly blends elegance with comfort. Bianchet infuses pure lines and harmonious proportions, creating a sophisticated yet sporty timepiece. Crafted from Titanium-Dust-High-Density-Carbon, an exclusive composite of carbon fibers infused with titanium powder, the case combines high resistance with the preciousness of a noble metal.

The carbon version of the watch withstands pressures up to 10 ATM (100 meters of water depth) and shocks of 5000G, making it a versatile companion for sports and water activities. The sleek design, unadorned bezel, and discreet lugs contribute to the watch’s chic and elegant appearance.

The case, crafted from Titanium-Dust-High-Density-Carbon, represents an exclusive composite of carbon fibers infused with titanium powder. Comprising around 500 compressed layers of 0.03mm thick carbon fibers, the titanium powder adds light and subtle reflections, creating an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

The Bianchet B1.618 movement, meticulously crafted in Switzerland, features a flying tourbillon with a precision of -4/+4 seconds per day. The movement undergoes hand finishing in the Bianchet workshop in La-Chaux-De-Fonds, showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship.

Bianchet’s Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618 not only exemplifies a convergence of tradition and innovation but also stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating horological masterpieces for enthusiasts seeking a unique and sophisticated timekeeping experience.