Roger Dubuis Dubuis An Era Of Light & Colour Begins

Enter the new Excalibur Blacklight Monobalancier

Hyper-luminescent. Hyper-colourful. Hyper-performing1: A new era of blazing aesthetics begins as the next generation of the Excalibur Blacklight Monobalancier (MB) arrives. One of the brightest expressions of the Maison to date, the timepiece is a contemporary work of art that is just as vibrant by day as it is under UV light. Welcome to the dazzling world of Roger Dubuis, where the fields of possibility are reimagined to offer the most exciting way to experience Hyper Horology.



Forever pushing boundaries, the Maison’s hyper-skilled watchmakers have been developing and mastering the intricate art of luminescence for years. Because at Roger Dubuis, less is never more. 

 Reflecting an unmatched level of craftmanship, the metal micro-beams of the calibre are tri-dimensional for the first time, taking the shape of Roger Dubuis’ signature star. Bright yellow and orange by day, they reveal their hidden luminescence and glow neon under UV light. 

 But the watchmakers’ mastery of luminescence goes further. Keeping the highlight on the brilliance of the micro-beams, a hyper-precious and vividly fluorescent diamond was chosen for the heart of the signature star, channeling the eye to admire the open work of the piece while under UV light. To ensure the spotlight remains on the micro-beams, 60 non-fluorescent diamonds were also specifically selected to adorn the bezel. Motivated by extreme passion, the finished look proves their absolute control over where the fluorescence shows up. 


The Maison unveils an iconic capsule collection that is blazing with on-trend colours. 

Embodying a commitment to non-conformity and a willingness to explore new creative possibilities, Roger Dubuis was inspired to move beyond its obsession with light and inject playful colours into this next generation of Excalibur Blacklight MB. 

Among this capsule collection is a timepiece dressed in bright yellow enhanced by vibrant orange touches. These bring a harmonious balance to the design, breaking up the single shade effect and creating a camaieu. Such lively shades also create its distinctive aesthetic, letting the details of the expressive calibre reveal themselves layer by layer, like an intricate work of art that is appreciated the more it is looked at. Bold, daring, iconic: this 42mm white gold timepiece truly dazzles – from its bright yellow rubber and calf-leather strap, to its micro-beams, hour and minute markers, and its signature star. Should they want to, the lucky owners can even opt to change the strap in just a few clicks to express a new style of their choice as it is equipped with a hyper-versatile and quick release system. Hyper-contemporary and Hyper-exciting, the latest edition of the Excalibur Blacklight MB brings Hyper HorologyTM to bright new heights of expressivity. 


Defining the fine balance between aesthetics and performance, the timepiece is equipped with the RD720SQ calibre, which has an increased power reserve of 72 hours. The micro-rotor and balance wheel are also optimised to minimise vibrations, improve stability, and make it less sensitive to shocks. To achieve even better efficiency and energy transmission, the shape of the escapement wheel is improved, paired with diamond-coated silicon pallet-stones, and completed with a new lube. The masterpiece is hand-finished with meticulous care and rewarded with the Poinçon de Genève, one of the most demanding certifications in fine watchmaking. 

Limited to 28 pieces, the Excalibur Blacklight MB is the perfect blend of colour, luminescence, and advanced mechanics, reaching new heights of expressivity. By sharing its passion for light and luminescence, Roger Dubuis highlights a new facet of Hyper Horology™, one that continues to shape the future of fine watchmaking in the most colourful way possible.