OMEGA orbits the Apollo 8 story with a new Dark Side of the Moon

Melding Lunar Legacy and Masterful Craftsmanship in a Timepiece Beyond Boundaries

In the historic year of 1968, the Apollo 8 mission etched its place in history by becoming the first-ever human flight to orbit the Moon. On this groundbreaking journey, each astronaut relied on the OMEGA Speedmaster, an indispensable tool throughout NASA’s lunar campaign. In 2024, OMEGA pays homage to this iconic story with the unveiling of the new Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon—an exquisite creation melding cutting-edge technology, a rich palette of materials, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

OMEGA introduced the inaugural Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 timepiece in 2018, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the mission. Returning to its watchmaking roots, the brand revisits this design, elevating it with an even higher level of detailing and refinement.

The watch’s Calibre 3869 features a laser-ablated Moon relief on the blackened main plate and bridges, creating a distinctive aesthetic. Like the Moon itself, the movement showcases two distinct sides. The dial-side mirrors our Earthly view of the lunar surface, while the back reveals the mysterious dark side visible only to astronauts. This update enhances the Moon’s definition through laser engraving and contrasting surfaces, complemented by pronounced features alongside light grey coated wheels and a dark grey gold coated balance wheel.

Additionally, the manual-winding Calibre 3869 attains the Co-Axial Master Chronometer standard, ensuring the highest precision, chronometric performance, and magnetic resistance in the Swiss watch industry.

The Moon-adorned movement is visible through the watch’s skeletonized dial, crafted from black anodized aluminum. Taking the journey further, OMEGA constructs the 44.25 mm case, polished bezel, and caseback using separate pieces of black ceramic, filling the tachymeter scale with bright white “Grand Feu” enamel.

A vibrant touch is added with the varnished yellow central chronograph seconds hand, extending to the watch’s perforated strap made from black rubber with a yellow interior.

A patent-pending small-seconds hand at 9 o’clock is a novel addition, shaped like NASA’s Saturn V rocket and engineered from Grade 5 Titanium. The intricate 3D structure, achieved through laser turning, coupled with white varnish, ablation, and laser blackening, pays tribute to the success of the Apollo program.

The caseback features engravings, including the poignant “WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE”—the last words spoken to ground control by Command Module Pilot Jim Lovell as Apollo 8 ventured to the far side of the Moon, entering radio silence for the first time.

Wearing this watch establishes an authentic connection with our lunar neighbor, embodying OMEGA’s enduring link to space exploration. As the world anticipates the future, the Apollo 8 mission serves as a testament to the remarkable achievements attainable through shared human determination and capability.