OMEGA Launches Winter Tales

A snow-covered moon is the magical setting for OMEGA’s festive season campaign, which features watches from all four collections and a cast of playful characters.

OMEGA unveils “Winter Tales,” a festive campaign set against the enchanting backdrop of a snow-covered moon. This captivating seasonal initiative showcases watches from all four collections, accompanied by a delightful cast of playful characters.

Embracing the spirit of the gift-giving season, OMEGA presents Winter Tales, a collection of inspiring stories unfolding in a frosty celestial realm. These tales come to life through endearing characters, with astronauts taking center stage for Speedmaster, seahorses for Seamaster, stars for Constellation, and De Ville individuals adorned in city style. Each scene is meticulously crafted around a stunning OMEGA timepiece, featuring many of the Swiss brand’s most popular and coveted styles.

In reference to the Winter Tales campaign, Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann, OMEGA’s President and CEO, expressed, “This year, we were determined to create festive season messaging that raised smiles, by presenting our watches in a surprising and eye-catching way. The season is about spreading joy, so that’s our aim. It’s our playful take on luxury.”

OMEGA’s distinctive lunar world is now showcased in various locations worldwide, gracing boutique windows, billboards, online platforms, and major print publications. The entire presentation is wrapped in a palette of white, black, and OMEGA red, offering a visually stunning experience.

Understanding that every gift buyer has a unique story, OMEGA’s Winter Tales selection presents a diverse range of styles, sizes, and watch materials, ensuring a perfect match for each individual’s distinctive narrative.