Swatch Group’s Recent Acquisition on New Bond Street in London

Swatch Group acquisitions of a building at New Bond Street in London

Harry Winston boutique in Bond Street, London

Biel/Bienne (Switzerland), October 6, 2023 – Swatch Group has recently made an acquisition that exemplifies its commitment to luxury and excellence by securing a prestigious property situated along one of London’s most opulent avenues. This remarkable building, nestled at 171 New Bond Street, has been home to the salon of Swatch Group’s globally renowned luxury brand, Harry Winston, since 2006. The transaction for this acquisition amounts to approximately CHF 90 million, underscoring the Group’s dedication to its portfolio of luxury assets. This architectural gem, erected in 1856, spans an expansive 562 square meters across five floors.

Notably, in the earlier half of this year, Swatch Group had already added to its illustrious collection by procuring a prime 1347 square meter property at 32 to 33 Old Bond Street for approximately CHF 120 million, in addition to acquiring a boutique on the prestigious Champs-Elysées in Paris.

Harry Winston, often referred to as the “king of diamonds,” unveiled the reimagined flagship London salon in 2016 following a meticulous nine-month renovation. The Salon at 171 New Bond Street stands as a showcase for Harry Winston’s most exquisite assortments of fine jewelry and timepieces, which include some of the rarest diamonds and precious gemstones available in the world today.