Hamilton inspired by Dune 2

Hamilton X Dune: Part Two: Crafting Otherworldly Timepieces for Arrakis

Hamilton Watch partners with Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures to design a custom “Desert Watch” for “Dune: Part Two,” the highly anticipated sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s cinematic masterpiece, “Dune.”

In a unique collaboration, Hamilton has created a custom “Desert Watch” for the upcoming film “Dune: Part Two,” in partnership with Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures. This exclusive timepiece was specifically requested by filmmaker Denis Villeneuve to complement the rich and immersive world of “Dune.”

Unlike previous collaborations, where Hamilton selected existing designs or created new ones, the creation of the “Desert Watch” required a different approach. Working closely with the film’s prop master, Doug Harlocker, Hamilton designed a watch that embodies the spirit of the Fremen, the desert-dwelling people of Arrakis. Guided by the lore of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” and Villeneuve’s vision, Hamilton’s designers crafted a hardwearing and distinctly Fremen device that perfectly complements the film’s aesthetic.

While the “Desert Watch” is exclusive to the world of Arrakis, its influence has inspired Hamilton to launch two limited-edition watches in February 2024, coinciding with the release of “Dune: Part Two.” Both watches feature a luminous blue dial reminiscent of the Fremen’s blue eyes. The Ventura Bright includes a button replicating the glowing blue lines of the “Desert Watch” dial, while the Ventura Edge boasts a matte black PVD-coated angular case with a digital display in blue, mimicking the relief elements seen on the prop in the film.

Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Hamilton has a long history of creating watches that balance authenticity and innovation. Its timepieces have played crucial roles in history, synchronizing the first railroads, keeping time for aviation pioneers, and serving U.S. soldiers. With a strong presence in Hollywood, Hamilton watches have appeared in over 500 movies and TV shows, with custom pieces playing key roles in several blockbusters.

Committed to craftsmanship and accuracy, Hamilton continues to push boundaries, launching the world’s first electric watch in 1957 and the first LED digital watch in 1970. As a member of the Swatch Group, Hamilton combines its American spirit with Swiss precision in its current collections, striving to shape authentic characters and storylines through its timepieces.