Customised Concept

Pushing the boundaries of Rolex watch customisation for the ultimate extravagance.


Modifying high-end wrist watches to bespoke specifications is a growing trend amongst collectors.


There are a handful of companies dominating the new market for bespoke customised watches.

George Bamford is the innovative mind behind the British Bamford Watch Department that helped develop the latest craze for redesigning luxury timepieces. What started out as a basic blackening process has now been enhanced by a number of ‘secret’ formulae and is perfected as a highly advanced military grade PVD coating. The combinations of dial colours, luminous paint and the ability to have up to eight characters of text on the dial of your customised timepiece, ensures that each finished Rolex is a highly exclusive one-off commodity. At the Bamford Watch Department every watch is supported by a full two year warranty and coating lifetime guarantee.

Other operators are Project X— responsible for designing the Moore Rolex— Brevetplus and Pro-Hunter, brands reflective of a kind of macho Ernest Hemingway countenance. All of these independent companies specialise in re-designing high-end wristwatches to bespoke specifications on customer request.

Project X founder Daniel Bourn, explains launching the company out of a desire to “provide a service to clients who appreciate the history and allure of original manufacturers’ brand name.” Their Limited Edition Collection features original Rolexes, customised and produced in runs of just 24 individually numbered watches per design., and,