Artistry in Motion: Hublot’s Exclusive Classic Fusion Black Magic Dubai Watch Week Editions

A Fusion of Horology, Heritage, and Calligraphy with Wissam Shawkat

In a mesmerizing collaboration between luxury watchmaker Hublot, esteemed retailer Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, and award-winning calligraphy artist Wissam Shawkat, the 6th biannual Dubai Watch Week sees the unveiling of two extraordinary timepieces – the Classic Fusion Black Magic Dubai Watch Week and the Classic Fusion Black Magic Diamonds Dubai Watch Week. These limited-edition pieces not only pay homage to Arabian heritage but also mark a stunning blend of artistry and watchmaking craftsmanship.

*Hublot and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons Celebrate Innovation and Artistic Expression*

In celebration of Dubai Watch Week, Hublot, in conjunction with partner Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, proudly introduces the Classic Fusion Black Magic Dubai Watch Week series. Designed in collaboration with the renowned calligraphy artist Wissam Shawkat, these exclusive timepieces showcase Hublot’s commitment to innovation and artistic expression. Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO, expresses excitement about the collaboration, noting how it adds a unique touch to the “Art of Fusion.”

The Art of Fusion: Shaping Heritage and Culture

David Tedeschi, Hublot Regional Director for Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, emphasizes the popularity of the Hublot Classic Fusion collection among Emirati clients. Dedicated to providing culturally-relevant luxury with unique creativity, Tedeschi believes that these special edition timepieces, designed for both men and women, will be cherished and sought after.

An Ode to Heritage: Calligraphy Meets Watchmaking

Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, Chief Commercial Officer of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, describes the collaboration as a tribute to rich heritage and culture. Wissam Shawkat, the celebrated calligraphy artist, expresses his joy at infusing Arabian heritage into luxury watchmaking. Drawing inspiration from Arabic phrases and words, Shawkat designs two exquisite timepieces that beautifully fuse art with exceptional watchmaking.

Timeless Elegance: The Classic Fusion Black Magic Dubai Watch Week Series

The timepieces, featuring calligraphy that reads “Al Zaman” and “Al Waqt,” symbolizing time in Arabic, are a testament to the fusion of Hublot’s brand identity, Arabian culture, and calligraphy. Vibrant colors set against black backgrounds create an eye-catching aesthetic embodying the spirit of Dubai.

Technical Brilliance and Aesthetic Appeal

The Classic Fusion Black Magic Dubai Watch Week, with a 42-mm case and black ceramic bezel, showcases the HUB1110 self-winding movement. Shawkat’s calligraphy, reminiscent of Dubai’s landscapes, adorns the dial. The Classic Fusion Black Magic Diamonds Dubai Watch Week, elevated with 36 black brilliant-cut diamonds, exhibits a true synergy between horology and artistic expression, captivating enthusiasts with its sparkling elegance.

Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons: A Legacy of Luxury and Expertise

Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the leading luxury watch and jewelry retailer in the UAE, is synonymous with service excellence and a curated collection of over 80 prestigious brands across 50 locations. The collaboration with Hublot underscores their commitment to clients, heritage, and Dubai Watch Week.

Wissam Shawkat: A Maestro of Calligraphy and Design

Award-winning calligraphy artist Wissam Shawkat, born in Basra, Iraq, in 1974, brings his expertise to the collaboration. Shawkat’s affinity for letterforms has shaped his artistic journey, with his new style, Al Wissam, blending traditional scripts with modern design. His work is featured in private and museum collections globally, and he continues to be a trailblazer in Arabic calligraphy and typography.

In the fusion of culture, heritage, and artistry, Hublot’s Classic Fusion Black Magic Dubai Watch Week editions, born from the collaborative genius of Hublot, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, and Wissam Shawkat, stand as timeless testaments to the seamless integration of creativity and watchmaking precision. These exclusive pieces, rich in meaning and aesthetics, are set to captivate the hearts of watch enthusiasts at Dubai Watch Week and beyond.