Alpine Eagle

A new dial colour joins chopard’s alpine eagle collection in support of the foundation dedicated to preserving the alpine environment and its biodiversity.

The Alpine Eagle collection of sporty-chic timepieces has been enriched by two 41 mm-diameter models adorned with a dial in an original “Pine Green” colour. Available in versions featuring either Chopard’s exclusive ultra-resistant and highly luminous Lucent Steel A223 or ethical 18-carat rose gold, this timepiece beats to the rhythm of the Chopard 01.01-C movement, whose high-precision timing is authenticated by chronometer certification. In keeping with the Maison’s commitment to the preservation of the Alpine environment and its biodiversity, part of the proceeds from sales of these models will be donated to the Alpine Eagle Foundation, whose programmes have already enabled the reintroduction of the white-tailed eagle in the Lake Geneva region.

A highly legible, stylish green dial

A new colour is making its debut on the dial of the watches in the Alpine Eagle collection: like Aletsch Blue, Bernina Grey or Absolute Black, “Pine Green” is inspired by the palette of natural colours shaping the beauty of the Alpine biotope. It evokes the forests carpeting the mountains when, on summer days, the melting snow gives way to a deep greyish-green mantle of vegetation.

On this textured dial with its radiating pattern evoking the eye of an eagle, the indication of the hours, minutes and seconds provides an elegant and legible contrast through rhodium-plated or gold-plated hour-markers and hands enhanced with Grade X1 Super-LumiNova to ensure optimal visibility even in the dark. Positioned between 4 and 5 o’clock, the date is clearly indicated on a green disc matching the dial and thus ensuring perfect overall discretion and harmony.

Sustainable materials

Since the launch of the collection in 2019, Alpine Eagle has been distinguished by its choice of materials, of which the origins pursue the objective of promoting sustainable luxury. The large 41 mm-diameter case of this new Alpine Eagle model is available in a first version entirely made of Lucent Steel A223. In keeping with the ethical approach to which the Manufacture is committed, this metal exclusive to Chopard is made from 70% recycled material. Thanks to its anti-allergenic composition, it has properties comparable to surgical steel, making it highly dermo-compatible. With its resistance of 223 Vickers, this alloy is 50% more resistant to abrasion than conventional steels and has a unique hardness. Finally, thanks to a crystal structure boasting superior homogeneity, its purity enables uniquely shimmering light effects.

A second version of the timepiece is available in 18-carat rose gold. The fine gold used to produce Alpine Eagle watches is 100% ethical, as is indeed the case for all the Maison’s watch and jewellery creations since July 2018. As a rare watch Manufacture that has operated its own precious metal foundry for several decades, Chopard is thus in a unique position to control its value chain to offer creations reflecting a more rational world.

Mechanical precision

In keeping with the Manufacture’s commitment to certified precision, the Chopard 01.01-C self-winding movement at the heart of the Alpine Eagle watches and visible through a transparent sapphire caseback is developed in its own watchmaking workshops and certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. The word “Chronometer” on the dial is a reminder of this label of precision and excellence.

When fully wound, the mechanism enjoys a 60-hour power reserve. Constantly seeking to meet the highest standards of precision, the watchmakers have also equipped this movement with a stop-second function enabling the user to set the time to the nearest second.

The Alpine Eagle collection

Devised by three generations of men in the Scheufele family, the Alpine Eagle collection is a modern reinterpretation of the St. Moritz, the first watch creation by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele (now Co-President of Chopard) in the late 1970s.

With its pure and assertive design, Alpine Eagle further enriches this heritage with powerful natural inspiration. Alpine Eagle is a token of refined and resolutely contemporary elegance characterised by a round case with stylised raised sides, a crown engraved with the compass rose, a bezel with eight functional indexed screws, a textured dial with deep hues and luminescent indications, as well as an integrated metal bracelet.

Thanks to its independence and the integration of its various professions, Chopard performs all the production and assembly stages of the collection within its own watchmaking workshops, from movement to bracelet and including components as well as the case.

Direct support for the Alpine Eagle Foundation

Throughout its history, Chopard has always associated the success of its creations with a commitment to improving the common good. The Alpine Eagle collection is no exception, as it accompanies the actions of an eponymous Foundation. This non-profit organisation co-founded by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Jacques-Olivier Travers and Ronald Menzel is pursuing innovative and multidisciplinary environmental projects designed to raise awareness and mobilise the public regarding the importance, beauty and fragility of the Alpine biotope.

Alongside the unveiling of two new Alpine Eagle timepieces whose aesthetics are inspired by the power of Nature, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele has pledged to dedicate a portion of the profits from their sale to fund the Foundation’s programmes. As the Co-President of Chopard and co-founder of the Alpine Eagle Foundation explains: “Given that I personally find refuge in the pleasures of hiking and skiing, I appreciate the calm of the mountains, which are conducive to inspiration, reflection and serenity. Preserving this environment is very important to us, and I am extremely proud that the beauty of our Alpine Eagle timepieces pays tribute to the Nature that inspired them and enables the funding of concrete actions to support the conservation of this fragile ecosystem.”