Need a vitamin drip for an instant power boost?

The intravenous infusions at Elixir Clinic in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are perfect for those in need of a quick energy lift.

While going to a gym may leaved you feeling drained, it’s not always that you have the luxury of time to recuperate. While conventional energy supplements are great in the long run for a steady build-up of muscle and energy, there are times when you require something far more instantaneous to get you back to feeling energetic.

Enter Elixir clinic that’s now offering intravenous infusions to help lift your energy levels. This sleek new clinic has locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In Dubai there are two clinics – one at the Al Habtoor Business Tower and the other on Jumeirah Beach Road. The magic potions help you recover after a gruelling session with your personal trainer, and could even be used as a natural detox formula. The clinic offers a range of tailor-made infusions that can improve energy, boost immune function, decrease in inflammation and even help prevent sports-related strains and injuries. There are different names for the drip concoctions including Jet Lag Vitadrip, Post Party Vitadrip, Anti-Oxidant Vita Drip and Anti-Ageing Vitadrip.

The clinic claims that while pills and cream result in just a 10per cent absorption rate by the body, the intravenous method means the body absorbs that 100 per cent of what is administered during the treatment.

The Elixir Clinic’s Fitness VitaDrip contains L-carnitine and is particularly effective when coupled with regular physical training. L-carnitine is a biologically active nutrient that acts as a catalyst for weight loss and also aids with muscle recovery post workouts. Administered by trained professionals, the sessions last about 30-60 minutes which means that it need not hamper with the rest of your daily schedule.