Lamborghini’s insane new speaker

Crank up the volume on this wicked 800w EsaVox carbon fibre docking station speaker.

The Italian supercar manufacturer has pulled a neat trick. Its latest creation isn’t another two-door fire-breathing monster, but instead a $24,000 speaker that you can park right within your living room.

It’s taken the actual exhaust from an Aventador – already capable of a throaty growl when pushed to the limit – and created this monocoque carbon fibre docking station that is sure to be a the party piece of your man cave.

Lamborghini teamed up with fellow-Italian firm iXOOST in a project that took over two years from conception to finished product. The 600watts EsaVox speaker has an additional 200watts that powers the 15-inch subwoofer. There’s a passive shock absorber system built into the carbon fibre-ceramic-ceramic-wood speakers that’ll dampen the vibrations and protect the speaker. The hexagonal cabinets have been hand crafted and are available in options of red, black, orange and yellow.

Lamborghini EsaVox carbon fibre docking station speaker

Lamborghini EsaVox carbon fibre docking station speaker

In a nod to the actual car, the power switch is modelled after the push button starter that you’ll find a regular Lamborghini supercar. There are two 1-inch tweeters, two 8-inch woofers, two full-range 6.5-inch drivers, and a single 15-inch subwoofer powering this beast. As far as connectivity is concerned, it’s fitted with Bluetooth 4.0. If you’re of the bent of mind that the quality of sound over the air is never quite as crisp as what you’ll get when the audio source is connected to the speaker through wires, you’ll be happy to note that it comes with the options for an RCA and AUX input mode.

Even though there are copious amounts of carbon fibre used, it still weighs in at a hefty 53 kilos. Priced at $24,000 a pop it’ll likely cost more than standard hatchback. Rest assured, the badge value of owning a Lamborghini speaker is anything but standard.