Four objects we want right now

This week’s hottest objects include an electric bike, the worlds most expensive headphones and a $1million cigar humidor

Essence E-Raw Electric Motocycle 

The laminated wooden seat is the showstopper of this electric bike. But rivalling its appeal is the 100 horsepower electric motor beneath it that moves this 167-kilogram machine from 0-100 in just 3.5 seconds. Just keep in mind that opening up the throttle wide means you won’t get very near the approximate 160-kilometre range of the 101.1 kilowatt-hour battery. Incredibly, a fast-charging mechanism means that the bike can charge up in just 30 minutes. In a clever twist, the speedometer and other gauges from the handlebar have been replaced with a smartphone that displays all of the bike’s vital stats, including range and speed.

It may be time to kick that fuel-guzzling V-Twin to the curb.



Focal Utopia by Tournaire    

French audio specialist Focal unveiled the world’s most expensive pair of headphones earlier this year. At $120,000 you’d expect unmatched sound quality, which Focal says took them 35 years to perfect, but also a fair bit of bling. This headset delivers on both fronts. Maison Tournaire, a French family-run jewellery house, collaborated with Focal to kit this pair of headphones with 18-carat gold and six-carat diamonds. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to an 8-year-old boy named Louis Biscini, who is suffering from a rare spinal disease.



Porsche Design Book One 

Porsche Design that has made some of the world’s most beautiful consumer objects, not entirely unrelated to Porsche’s automotive division, has debuted this laptop/tablet hybrid. The slick, aluminium-bodied 15.9 mm-thick machine has a precision touchpad that responds to gestures and a 13.3 inch-high-res touch display. To avoid fingerprints all over, an aluminium pen comes bundled with the laptop. The ventilation grilles on the side are modelled after a car grille, and the hinges connecting the screen to the keyboard are inspired by a gearbox. They allow the screen to rotate backwards 360 degrees as well as detach completely.



Imperiali Genève Emperador Humidor    

One of the world’s most expensive cigar humidors made by the Geneva-based firm borrows on another tradition steeped within the Alpine country’s veins: watchmaking. The piece features a tourbillon timepiece with 323 moving parts designed specifically for the humidor. Then there’s the built-in cigar-cutting mechanism guided by a laser, a lighter that burns the cigar uniformly and an automatic ashtray that opens when it senses a cigar nearby. The chest has space for 24 cigars and comes shipped with an equal number of gold leaf-wrapped Cuban smokes that have been aged for four years.

$1 million;