MCM Presents The Fashiontainment Show Dubai A Fusion of Fashion, Culture, and the Arts

German luxury fashion house, MCM makes a spectacular debut in Dubai, unveiling an innovative fusion of fashion, culture and the arts through a conceptual presentation celebrating the brand’s heritage DNA. Highlighting renowned singer Sohyang and the notorious Ambiguous Dance Company, the energetic performance took guests on a journey through the brand’s heritage from past to future for the first time.

The Fashiontainment Show took place in Dubai, a global capital for cultural innovation, diversity and modernism, within the iconic Dubai Mall. The first time performance introduced a preview of the brand’s Cyber Nomad collection across an array of K-pop-inspired vocals and sensational dance moves where east met west. Afterward the presentation was celebrated at an exclusive VIP event at MCM’s boutique at the Dubai Mall, featuring a lineup of more than 60 cultural creators & style influencers generating more than 50 million impressions within the first 24 hours. Highlights includes Alex from @supercarblondie, Zeynab El Helw, Deema Al Asadi, Ola Farahat, Sami Slimani, Kris Fade and the Twins Hadban who were styled in MCM’s latest collections.

“MCM very grateful that the Dubai Mall allowed us to produce this spectacular performance. The cultural Zeitgeist has been a continuous inspiration for the brand through music & the arts since 1976, and we’re thrilled about how this came together to create a joyful moment for fans around the world”. – Sabine Brunner, President & Global Brand and Commercial Officer.

The brand is also thankful to the Global Summit of Women who invited MCM to bring the Fashiontainment performance to their Gala Dinner later that evening, as well as the Museum of the Future for hosting an impromptu performance during the Future Experts Series: Metaverse, Web3 & AI. The Fashiontainment Show is a platform which serves as a testament to the brand’s innovative spirit & commitment to creativity, and is the first in a series of global performances.

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About MCM (Modern Creation München)

MCM is a luxury lifestyle goods and fashion house founded in 1976 with an attitude defined by the cultural Zeitgeist and its German heritage with a focus on functional innovation, including the use of cutting-edge techniques. Today, through its association with music, art, travel, and technology, MCM embodies the bold, rebellious, and aspirational. Always with an eye on the disruptive, the driving force behind MCM centers on revolutionizing classic design with futuristic materials. Appealing to the 21st Century Global Nomad generation – dreamers, creatives, and digital natives – MCM!s millennial and Gen Z audience is genderless, ageless, empowered, and unconstrained by rules and boundaries. MCM is currently distributed online and in 650 stores worldwide including Munich, Berlin, Zurich, London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Middle East and more.


About Sohyang

Sohyang is a singer, author in Korea. As a singer, she is representable one with powerful, delicate and especially high ranges vocal in Korea. Her first step was a CCM singer with missionary tour through over 24 countries in many years. From 2012, people started to know her existence as a powerful vocal through famous TV show in Korea “I am a singer!, “Immortal songs!, “Masked singer!, “Begin again#!and others. Every stage was remarkable with dramatic arrangement, vocal skills, emotional expressions. She became to be called “Korean Mariah Carey!. She was invited to sing national anthem in NBA, Baseball League in Dallas, Duet with Sumi Jo in Pyoung Chang winter Olympic Game. She was invited guest singer to David Foster show in Japan, Micheal Bolton concert, Josh Grovan in Korea. She also wrote fantasy novel “Anaxion#!2016. 2019 she wrote an essay book “Love, about a perfect algorithm!, “Maranatha 1, 2, 3!.

About Ambiguous Dance Company

Ambiguous Dance Company is founded in 2007 by choreographer Boram Kim and Kyeong-min Jang. The name of the company reflects the complex nature and style of their dance which, although belonging to the realm of contemporary dance, cannot be defined in straightforward terms. The group rose to prominence with their debut project Bolero (2008) which won the Best Performance Award at CJ Young Festival. Thereafter, they received numerous awards and prizes including the 2010 Best Performance Award at Critics#!

Choice for Body Concert, the Best Performance Award at the 2010 Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) and Audience Prize at the 17th Masdanza International Contemporary Dance Festival for Coexistence, two major prizes at the 2014 Yokohama Dance Collection for Mistake, and the Best Piece Award at the 2014

Korean Association of Dance Critics and Researchers Prize for Rhythm of Human. Ambiguous Dance Company pursues “communication through dance!; in other words, they seek to expand the artistic sphere of dance and move onto a more linguistic level through the process of concretisation. Their unique work thus involves an intense training in the practice of thoroughly analysing and symbolising music and movement. As the artistic director, Boram Kim focuses on embodying through the language of dance the multiple layers of sound that we must listen to carefully. He constantly explores and experiments with the company!s own linguistic possibilities, with the aim of presenting to the audience a completely new style of dance or the language of the body.