Renaissance of a Culinary Mastery

L’ATELIER Robuchon – the Epitome of Fine Dining, returns!


Synonymous with culinary excellence and “savoir-faire à la française”, L’ATELIER Robuchon carries the legacy of the world-renowned Chef Joël Robuchon, a culinary maestro who achieved an astounding 32 Michelin Stars across more than 20 restaurants in iconic locations like Las Vegas, Miami, Geneva, Hong Kong, Paris, Madrid, and St. Barts.


Emerging stronger than ever with the takeover of 111 Management’s team, the Dubai outpost located in the heart of DIFC brings this unmatched kudos and history of culinary arts to the UAE with a gorgeous new look, elevated ambiance, and meticulous attention to details. Expected to further cement its world-renowned position in the upper echelons of the region’s fine dining scene, L’ATELIER Robuchon will surpass all expectations, on every level and senses.


The freshly renovated venue promises an immersive dining experience like no other with Chef Joël Robuchon’s DNA still running through the veins of the restaurant. A renowned culinary luminary, he was honored as the ‘Chef of the Century’ by the prestigious Gault Millau guide in 1989.


L’ATELIER, which translates to “The Workshop,” embodies a place where culinary genius comes to life, tantalizing the senses and taste buds alike. It promises to take guests on a journey through Chef Robuchon’s brilliance and his unrelenting quest for perfection.


Dubai’s lively and fresh take on this classic fine dining legacy is complemented by its sprawling terrace, and an indoor area conceived into three atmospheres: the dining area, the open kitchen and the bar/lounge area, bedecked in an effortlessly chic black and red aesthetic, with magnificent nods to tasteful opulence. It creates an upmarket and special atmosphere, while the knowledgeable and welcoming staff ensure a friendly and inviting ambiance.


Menu highlights include decadent dishes like crispy poached egg with caviar, truffle pizza, and Dover sole à la plancha. Insiders know to request the creamy mashed potatoes, a true test of foodie credentials. While steeped in classical French tradition, the kitchen, led by Chef Roberto Torre, fearlessly embraces innovation, making fine dining accessible without sacrificing authenticity. For the ultimate gourmet experience, guests can indulge in the tasting menu, featuring eight dishes that will undoubtedly delight the palate.


The relaunch of this culinary institution is poised to capture the essence of excellence, combining tradition with innovation and offering a dining experience that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other as L’ATELIER Robuchon returns to Dubai in all its glory.


Location: Gate Village 11, Podium Level, DIFC, Dubai