Morning Glory

Representing women who carry the light and promise of morning dew, Lita Cabellut’s latest art exhibition is as captivating as it is multi-layered.

“Choosing a favourite piece is like choosing a favourite child. It is impossible,” says portrait artist Lita Cabellut, who is showing her latest collection in DIFC’s Opera Gallery this month. Combining femininity with vibrant hues, Color of Dew features women blanketed in brilliant shades of pink and turquoise as they recall the sad beauty of a young and ornate bride.

A continuation of Cabellut’s previous series Impulse, which examined our attraction to imperfection, this new body of work tests viewers’ depth of perception with a variety of layers through which they must look.

“Surrounded by explosive colour, the subject’s expressions are overlooked,” says Cabellut. “One woman has blue eyes and an inscrutable gaze, piercing the viewer through overpowering shades of red, orange and green. Another has black lips and dress, fixed into position amid streaks of magnificent colour.”

Running until March 29, the exhibition contains 21 pieces inspired by poetry and beauty. Born in Barcelona, Cabellut last exhibited in Dubai in 2012. Back then she brought Memories Wrapped in Gold Paper and was impressed by the city’s art scene, which she considers a manifestation of cultures.

“Art markets influence and mirror each other more and more and Dubai is becoming part of this global communication,” she says.

“I found it easy to exhibit my work in the emirate. Opera Gallery introduced me to the market in a very gentle and powerful way. I feel connected to the city, especially with Color of Dew, which is so connected to the colours and brightness that exemplify Dubai.”