World Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics Summit & Expo

Pioneering Saudi Arabia’s Industrial 4.0 Transformation

The World Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics Summit & Expo (WAM) is set to be a groundbreaking global industrial event, bringing together key Saudi stakeholders driving the Kingdom’s Industrial 4.0 transformation alongside leaders from various manufacturing sectors. Showcasing cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing manufacturing and logistics, WAM highlights the vast opportunities and incentives in Saudi Arabia. This event is poised to elevate the competitiveness of Saudi industrial outputs and position the Kingdom as a leading global manufacturing and logistics hub.

Organized by KAOUN International, the minds behind SaudiFood Manufacturing and The Saudi Food Show, WAM is launched in strategic partnership with MODON, the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones. This collaboration underscores the event’s significance in aggregating strategic plans and fostering greater public-private partnerships.

“The launch of the World Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics Summit & Expo (WAM) will unite strategic plans and efforts across all industrial sectors, promoting public-private partnerships in investments, knowledge exchange, and the deployment of new technologies and operating models,” said Trixie LohMirmand, CEO of KAOUN International. “This initiative will create vital building blocks for manufacturing excellence, fostering a sustainable and high-performance Saudi manufacturing hub, attracting capital investment, and spurring the growth of new manufacturing sectors, thereby positioning the Kingdom’s manufacturing leadership globally.”

The integration of AI and disruptive technologies is set to optimize production processes, improve productivity, and enhance cost efficiencies. These technological advances will redefine traditional job roles and create new opportunities, necessitating a culture of learning and flexibility within organizations. WAM and MODON are dedicated to continuous human capital development and advancement, ensuring that Saudi Arabia remains competitive in the evolving industrial landscape.

Under the stewardship of the Ministry of Industry & Mineral Resources and MODON, Saudi Arabia is emerging as a competitive and flexible manufacturing hub. The Kingdom has established numerous industrial cities and zones, introduced incentives to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) in the manufacturing sector, and formed partnerships with international companies to transfer technology, knowledge, and best practices.

WAM will encompass all manufacturing sectors, with a particular emphasis on sub-sectors earmarked for accelerated expansion, including waste management, vehicle technology, healthcare, biotech and pharma, chemicals, IT and telecoms, energy, construction, and logistics.