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Anguilla is now offering access to refined living and optimized freedom with two new Residency-by-Investment programmes.

You’re floating in the azure blue seas, surrounded by lush greenery, the sun is beaming, and you let out a sigh of absolute tranquility. This oasis is your home. Anguilla, the exquisite British overseas territory in the Caribbean has become the ultimate destination where luxurious living meets financial freedom.

Anguilla’s two Residency-by-Investment Programmes bring opportunity within and freedom beyond for ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWI) whose lifestyle is unbound to a single location. Becoming a tax resident, or a permanent resident of Anguilla grants these individuals—including business moguls, athletes, celebrities, and jet-setters alike— the liberty to live efficiently, conveniently, and seamlessly.

In addition to the new programmes, an official agency was established by the government to manage and oversee the initiatives. Supported by a consortium of key players from the investment migration industry’s most experienced firms, Arton Capital and Latitude Group the consortium successfully launched Select Anguilla.

Despite being relatively new, Select Anguilla has established itself as an agency centered on trust and has officiated a legitimate government-UHNWI relationship. Effectuating stringent and thorough due diligence processes, ensures optimized benefits for both the investor and the government and brings extensive legitimacy and integrity to the programmes.
“Select Anguilla not only ensures that the programmes are an attractive option for the UHNWI, but one of the select few crafted to encompass all their needs,” shared Armand Arton, Founder and President of Arton Capital.

As Anguillan residents, investors and their families will benefit from the island’s attractive tax regime. A well-regulated jurisdiction for wealth preservation—boasting no direct taxation, income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax or corporate taxation— Anguilla offers exceptional benefits to allow businesses to thrive. Additionally, after five years of permanent residency, investors are eligible to become British Overseas Territories Citizens, and can then apply for full British citizenship.

Residents of Anguilla enjoy a relaxed way of life, with a wide array of luxury properties positioned just a stone’s throw from the island’s beautiful beaches, bluffs and bays. And with Anguilla’s carefully considered approach to development, the island’s natural vegetation still embellishes its brilliant white coast, while crystal clear water surrounds the island on all sides, providing a pristine playground for water-sports enthusiasts and yachtsmen.

The pace of life may be a little slower, but Anguilla’s modern telecommunication and business networks are fast and reliable. Multiple operators offer access to the island-wide fiber optic connection for high speed internet making it easy to conduct business whilst enjoying the Anguillan lifestyle.

As one of the first innovative solution for the UHNW to expand business and lifestyle opportunities through an optimal residence, Select Anguilla offers empowering benefits to investors and their families, including the freedom of movement they need, the independence they desire, and the luxury of calling the most idyllic place their home.

Tax Residency

In addition to establishing links to Anguilla, such as bank accounts and memberships, as well as demonstrating the ability to readily transfer the first five years of tax payments, tax residents in Anguilla must satisfy the following requirements:

• Pay US$75,000 per year in annual worldwide income tax to Anguilla’s Treasury.
• Own and maintain property in Anguilla valued over US$400,000.
• Spend a minimum of 45 days in Anguilla each year.
• Declare to not having spent over 183 days a year in any other sole country.

Permanent Residency

To acquire permanent residency in Anguilla, applicants must fulfill one of the two following investment options:
Real Estate Investment

• To qualify for a family of 4, the minimum value of the property must be US$750,000 at the time of application
• Each additional dependent will require an additional investment of US$100,000
• The property cannot be sold within 5 years of the purchase date

Donation to Capital Development Fund

The Capital Development Fund is a government fund established to finance public sector projects that grow, develop, and diversify Anguilla’s economy.The minimum contributions required are as follows:

• Main Applicant: US$150,000
• Spouse, and/or dependents: US$50,000 each
• Additional processing and due diligence fees are applicable.


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