Timeless Commitment

A Conversation with Rolf Studer CEO of Oris on Heritage, Sustainability and the latest Innovation in Watchmaking

ORIS CEO Rolf Studer

My journey into the world of watchmaking began with a profound fascination for precision engineering and timeless craftsmanship. Joining Oris was a natural progression for me, as it aligned perfectly with my passion for heritage and innovation. I have had the privilege of being part of Oris for 17 years, witnessing the brand’s evolution and its commitment to excellence.

Can you discuss Oris’s sustainability efforts in watchmaking?

Sustainability lies at the core of Oris’s ethos. We believe in responsible practices that not only preserve our planet’s resources but also contribute to the well-being of communities. From responsibly sourcing materials to implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, we strive to minimise our environmental footprint. Last year we partnered with Bracenet, a company that upcycles abandoned fishing nets into sustainable dials for our Aquis Date watches, to raise awareness about the impact of ghost nets on marine conservation. Through this collaboration, Oris supports Bracenet’s mission of cleaning up the oceans and reducing marine pollution while promoting the importance of sustainability. By transforming discarded fishing nets into the dials of our most popular watches, the partnership highlights the potential for innovative solutions to environmental challenges and encourages consumers to make eco-conscious choices.

Similarly this year Oris has unveiled its new sustainable watch packaging, representing a significant step forward in its commitment to environmental responsibility. Made from recycled and fully recyclable cardboard and paper, the Oris Sustainable Watch Box is designed to reduce our carbon emissions and environmental impact. With a foldable construction and modular design, the box is adaptable to different watch references and can be easily stored by the owner for reuse. Available from February 2024, the Oris Sustainable Watch Box reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability and our go your own way philosophy.

Aquis Date Calibre 400

What’s new with the latest release in the Oris Aquis collection?

Oris is excited to introduce the new Aquis collection, which we launched at Watches and Wonders. The redesigned Aquis line-up embodies contemporary refined luxury, with every detail meticulously considered and enhanced by Oris’s in-house teams of designers and engineers. The collection features a slimline profile, fluid case, and refined proportions, ensuring a balanced aesthetic and ergonomic feel. With sizes ranging from 36.50 mm to 43.50 mm, stainless steel cases, and a choice of black, blue, and green dial colors, the new Aquis offers versatility and sophistication. Key features include water resistance up to 300 meters, uni-directional rotating bezels with ceramic inserts, and upgraded movements such as the Oris Calibre 400 with a five-day power reserve. Additionally, the collection includes Upcycle editions, featuring dials made from recycled PET plastic, further underscoring Oris’s commitment to sustainability. With innovative features like the Quick Strap Change system and a patented quick adjust clasp, the new Aquis collection represents a modern, versatile, and stylish addition to Oris’s lineup of luxury watches. We are thrilled to introduce this timepiece, which combines functionality with unparalleled aesthetics, setting new standards in diver’s watches.

Tell us about the collaboration between Oris and Yusra Mardini?

The collaboration between Oris and Yusra Mardini exemplifies our commitment to inspiring stories of courage and resilience. Yusra’s journey as an Olympic swimmer and her advocacy for refugees resonated deeply with us. Together, we aim to amplify her message of hope and empowerment through meaningful initiatives and projects.

We are pleased to support her initiatives for a refugee swimming project organised by Welcome 66, a French non-profit organization. This project provides free swimming lessons to refugees and asylum seekers in Perpignan, France, helping them overcome their fears and learn to swim. The support from the Yusra Mardini Foundation, founded by Yusra last year, enables Welcome 66 to extend its summer sports program and restart its swimming lessons. Yusra and Oris began collaborating last summer, aiming to address the challenges faced by refugees worldwide and we are thrilled to share Yusra’s commitment to social responsibility and positive change.

Aquis Date Upcycle

What criteria does Oris consider when selecting collaborators?When selecting collaborators, Oris looks for individuals or organisations that share our values and ethos. We seek partnerships that are driven by a shared passion for craftsmanship, innovation, and social responsibility. Collaborators should embody authenticity and inspire positive change in their respective fields. Our partnership with the MCC made sense as the organisation has a mission to bring a change through sport- by not only brining together people from all walks of life through a love of cricket but also with a mission to give young girls access to cricket.

How does Oris contribute to marine conservation?

Oris is deeply committed to marine conservation efforts around the world. Through partnerships with renowned organisations and initiatives such as the Oris Clean Ocean Project, Bracenet or the Billion Oyster Project we actively support projects aimed at preserving marine ecosystems and raising awareness about ocean conservation. Our timepieces serve as a reminder of the importance of protecting our oceans for future generations

Aquis Date Calibre 400

What can we expect from Oris at Watches and Wonders, particularly in the Aquis collection?

At Watches and Wonders, Oris will unveil an exciting array of timepieces that showcase our dedication to innovation and craftsmanship. In the Aquis collection, you can expect to see the evolution of our key pieces. We look forward to sharing our latest creations with enthusiasts and collectors alike.