It’s All About Love

GC’s exclusive interview with founder of the Global Gift Foundation, Maria Bravo.

44 Global Gift is the result of a tremendous need to help, to make tangible what my mother taught me and which is based on love for others 11 shares Maria Bravo.

The Global Gift Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit organization that aims to create a positive impact
on the lives of children, women and families who are in need. Founded in 2013 by the Spanish actress, businesswoman and philanthropist, María Bravo, the GGF aims to create a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable communities in need of representation, protection, and support.

Global Citizen magazine sits with its founder to unlock the story behind its humble beginnings and what the future holds for the growing non-profit organization.

What sparked the launch of the Global Gift Foundation?

It has always been my dream to have my own foundation that directly supports families, and this path to philanthropy started when I was a child. I would see the generosity of my mom who would open her home to others where everyone had plate to eat. Years later, this sense of benevolence stayed with me, and along with one my best trends, Eva Longoria, we would visit hospitals 1n LOS Angeles to help Latino patients translate from English to Spanish. Throughout the years, my aim has always been to help those in need in any possible way I can. How did your vision with GGF change as the organization started to expand? My mission has always been the same – to help and support the less fortunate. for this reason. (global (ft foundation has
first house in mv hometown Marbella. where we welcome children with rare diseases, and we offer them all therapies that
they need free of charge. Now, we have more than 300 children at Casa Angeles. The foundation continues to grow and include new projects every year as global needs change

What are some of the latest projects GGF has supported?

Global Gift Foundation supports Harmony House in India since 2017, which is a charitable organization for homeless children. We have been working hard to address and meet the needs of destitute children across education, nutrition. healthcare, as well as vocational training for employment and careers. We also support the Quang Chau Orphanage in Vietnam which currently houses more than 100 children One of the latest projects from the foundation has been the opening of the Soup Kitchen in Estepona, Spain. We are also planning on starting another project in Sierra Madrid called The Ranch whose objective is to create a refuge for children with special needs and their families, as well as to welcome refugees from Ukraine.

As an organization with branches to man different non-profits, is there one cause that you personally feel most heartfelt towards and will always pursue in your philanthropic endeavors?

While the core principles of the foundation are to help those in need without any discrimination, it is very important to me to support and prioritize individual personal development as well as women’s and children’s rights. My personal mission is to create awareness of social responsibility and continue with my motto: the power of giving back.

Tell us a bit about Global Gifters and why it is important to highlight and recognize them?

Global Gifters represent the Global Gift Foundation around the world and reinforce the mission through social awareness networking, and partnerships with different initiatives. These Global Gifters include philanthropists, actors, and athletes, such as David Beckham; Ricky Martin; Amaury Nolasco; Victoria Beckham; Lara Fabian; Nikos Aliagas; Manolo Santana; Jordi Molla; Pitbull; Jane Fonda; Maxwell; Terrence Howard or Shemar Moore, among others. together, they are part of the Global Gift Platform and allow the Foundation’s projects to come to life all around the world.

What are some of the global events you look forward to the most with GGF?

Each event has its own allure and I look forward to each one with the same enthusiasm with to how dynamic and unique they are. Marbella is the Gala of my hometown, and it is always in the summer, Paris is elegant, Cannes is glamorous, Dubai and Abu Dhabi both are magnificent, London 1s a classic since the beginning – and yet they each illuminate the heart and soul of the foundation.