Groundbreaking Rewards Program in MENA

Over 100 Exclusive Discounts and Benefits Now Available for Business Clients

Qashio, the leading corporate card provider in the MENA region, has launched an innovative rewards program designed to offer over 100 new discounts and benefits, positioning itself as the top Rewards and Loyalty program for businesses in the area. This initiative, in partnership with global multinational companies like Google, Microsoft, AWS, Emirates, and, underscores Qashio’s commitment to exceptional service and providing a wide array of benefits to its clients.

While many loyalty programs in the Middle East and North Africa have restrictive terms and conditions, Qashio’s new structure offers unlimited cashback, points, and other benefits based on client performance, ensuring rewards with every spend. This customer-centric approach has attracted the attention and trust of major industry players and has helped Qashio form key partnerships, strengthening the ecosystem for their clients.

Armin Moradi, co-founder and CEO of Qashio, emphasizes the value of these new offerings, particularly in digital marketing and daily business activities. With over 100 different offers, including discounted digital advertising, cloud hosting services, co-working spaces, and CRM platforms, Qashio aims to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage expenses efficiently and gain greater control over spending.

In addition to its growing rewards and loyalty programs, Qashio offers fast and budget-friendly insurance and quick access to working capital loans for SMEs through trusted partner Credible X. By streamlining financial operations and expenses, Qashio continues to help businesses thrive with industry-leading benefits and outstanding services.