Reimagining the Experience of Flight

Patrick Moulay: A Visionary Leader in the Commercial Aviation Industry

What were your career goals growing up?

I grew up with a fascination for everything that flies. My ambition all along was to be part of the aviation industry and to make a significant contribution to it, one way or another. It’s a great feeling to play a role in shaping the future of the aerospace industry. Looking at all the growth we’ve experienced in the past 20 years, I am happy to have been part of this journey.


How is Bell adapting to global demands for technology that supports sustainable goals? Presumably, requirements / priorities are different for commercial platforms versus military ones? Are things moving at a different pace in these sectors?

At Bell, we have been taking actions to ensure a sustainable future for our products and our customers. In our own operations, we announced in March 2021 that we were incorporating the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel for the Bell Training Academy and demonstration fleet. The Bell 525 completed its first flight with sustainable aviation fuel later that year. Recently, the Bell 505 completed its first flight with 100% sustainable aviation fuel, as the world’s first single-engine helicopter to achieve this feat.


How has aviation changed in the digital age? And how is that reflected in Bell’s product lineup?

Bell is exploring new technologies to support our world-class commercial products, enhancing our helicopters to benefit our global customer base, developing for cleaner, more advanced solutions. The Bell 525 integrates Fly-By-Wire technology and the latest on-board equipment to ease pilot workload and will be the first certified commercial aircraft to have this technology onboard.

The Bell 505 is the only helicopter in its class that truly combines an affordable price point with low operating costs and advanced technology usually only seen in larger aircraft – all essential factors for operators seeking a modern training aircraft. With technology such as the dual channel FADEC and the latest Garmin avionics suite, students are not only better prepared to transition to larger aircraft, but their reduced pilot workload enables more time for decisions and improves situational awareness.


Who were your mentors or role models as you progressed in your career?

I never had a specific role model per se, but when you have the chance to take an international role, you meet so many industry players who have achieved success across the globe. These colleagues and their work are indeed a source of inspiration and have often influenced my career on a professional and personal basis.


Do you have mentees of your own now? Are there any topics that regularly crop up?

Absolutely! Coaching and helping young talent is one of the most important parts of my job. I find it extraordinary to watch these talented individuals join our industry and see them develop over the years into true leaders. My objective when I have discussions with these new professionals is to ensure everybody fulfills their full potential in their career – and enjoys their journey at Bell.

What are some of your proudest achievements to date?

My proudest achievement is not a personal achievement, it is a collective achievement. When you see that what we have done as a company, and as leaders, to develop the right products that provide the best solutions for our customers, it makes me proud! When you hear from customers flying Bell products for life-saving missions every day, around the world, it gives me a sense of purpose and that what we do matters.

Textron was named one of Forbes World’s Best Employers for the third consecutive year; what do you think is the secret to being an employer of choice?

It’s a unique time at Bell for our engineers and sales teams because they have a variety of programs, challenges and opportunities at their fingertips. With our modernization of our aircraft development cycle and integrating software into the design process, Bell can provide learning experiences to a new generation of mechanical, electrical and flight controls engineers.

Our employees want to innovate and grow alongside Bell and support of the life-saving capabilities and unrivaled experiences we provide our customers.


As senior vice president of Commercial Business – International at Bell, what plans do you have for the brand in the coming months / years?

Bell continues to see strong demand and solid order activity from domestic and international corporate, private, utility and HEMS operators. We continue to host great customer engagements in-region to highlight the benefits of our products and have generated multiple leads through these exciting customer events.

Bell is investing in technologies and newly certified onboard equipment to deliver the most reliable, operationally cost competitive aircraft to market.

We are also growing our aftermarket services capabilities through new product introduction and its global presence with new facilities and an established 24/7 global customer response team.


Do you have any favourite quotes or words of wisdom to leave us with?

I love the quote from Oscar Wilde, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss…you will land among the stars.” To me, the quote means that every day we should all dream without limits, and one day we will achieve great things.